Translating technology into competitive, commercial and practical benefits. Actively engaged with strategy, brand development, product visualisation, sales programmes, major bids and M&A, we have achieved an enviable track record of creating and delivering transition programmes for business owners, partners and customers. During our 14 years to date, we have worked with leading technology brands, created start-ups and achieved profitable exits for stakeholders in Fintech and Digital Media businesses. Through a natural consultative approach, we have developed an expert capability to translate technology into competitive, commercial and practical benefits; our clients are testimony to our successes. We started working with Telefax Data Systems  in 2010 and acquired the business in the same year. The business established its roots nearly three decades ago installing and supporting the iconic alphanumeric tricolour LED Tickers and LED Displays alongside its software applications. Telefax has been transformed from one focused on the sale and support of LED displays to one exclusively focused on digital real-time information systems with OmniDisplay its Content-as-a- Service software solution. With ‘Content-as-a-Service’ we are bringing technology and content into a universal one-stop solution for real-time information systems.
InitioStar created Cyber3D in 2002, bringing together a team across the USA, Europe and Australia. Focused on an emerging technology known as Abode Atmosphere, the developers saw an opportunity to create on-line ‘Virtual Worlds’ where users became interactive Avatars. Initiostar invested in Cyber3D and brought a commercial dimension to the team alongside Adobe. The company won London Business Start-up of the Year in 2003. Cyber3D went on to secure projects with Adobe and Unilever and even built a virtual world for rock band Iron Maiden! Cyber3D became a pioneer of the early digital video games, created the first Virtual Coffee Shop and developed a virtual model of Richmond (London) where users (Avatars) could meet online and shop with their digital friends. This early work established a core competence in digital media and laid the foundations for InitioStar’s Content-as-a-Service proposition.
OmniDisplay software delivers real-time digital media and live information to audiences via online displays such as TVs, Video monitors and LED displays. Content can be sourced from the internet or from one’s internal computer applications, presented using the publisher’s chosen layout and delivered in a visually compelling and informative way to target audiences via any video screen. Telefax Data Systems developed the original OmniDisplay and OmniTicker software applications to enable financial trading institutions to display Reuters and Bloomberg data feeds. Today that software has been significantly extended and remodelled to create a multi- purpose Digital Communications Platform that serves a variety of applications and industries. Content can be branded, include live Sky News and BBC news feeds, welcome messages, RSS News headlines, currency, stock indices, and video playlists, presented on displays of any size.
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