Any ‘List’ page has a width no greater than the mobile variant and can be shared with all variants; editing one edits the others. A list page is intentionally as long as necessary to include all links. A placeholder is placed on the popup that uses the code: <iframe title="List 1" src="list-1.htm" height="100%" width="100%" style="border: 3px solid #00ff03;"></iframe> The placeholder can be made ‘sticky’
Where a design has a very long list of links that would exceed the length of the page, or where the list is disproportionately long for the page design, the list of links can be a separate page. To open that page with the current page being viewed, the ‘list page’ can be called using an iframe within a placeholder. The width of the iframe should be the same as the ‘list page’ width plus a few pixels to accommodate the vertical scroll bar. The height of the placeholder is a design choice, but never exceeds the page height.