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This is a main website with a superslider embedded within the placeholder below. The embedded superslider has both desktop and mobile variants and the respective placeholders are initially sized to have exactly the same page dimensions as the incomming superslider(s) - these can be changed proportionally thereafter. The option exits to ‘power-on’ auto-scrolling - the symbol acts as a toggle button. The progress bar is entirely optional; it has an additional MouseDown state that shows progress though the pages and each button links to its respective page as an addtional navigation tool. Standard < > buttons move to next and previous pages. The mobile variant buttons are resized to make them easier to read and use; the photos could be resized to better fit a mobile variant where the photo can be proportionally changed without the losing the visual impact. Changing or updating a photo in one variant changes it in any others. The option exists (through a modified code set) to have automatic-scrolling, rather than a ‘power-on’ / ‘power-off’ button. This is the native superslider link: https://initiostar.co.uk/demo/superslider/simple-slider.htm Any of the website transitions and transition directions can be used and changed without making any changes to the main website and, any changes can be made to the superslider independently. A note of caution - you MUST PUBLISH the superslider to main website directory in order to see it - it does not show in the main website preview.

Xara sliders



<iframe title="mobileSuperslider" src="simple-slider.htm" name="mobileSuperslider-Slider" height="100%" width="100%" style="border:none;"></iframe>

Xara sliders

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