This is a demonstration using popup menu (e.g. Photo Menu) which provides a summary of each object, photo, product, service etc. The Photo Menu provides a link to that photo’s details, product or service specification. This could be used where the details of each merit their own page, akin to a services or product catalogue where an image and summary is helpful to the visitor. The popup menu must be repeated, in this example, on all pages and should be given a name that ends with “(lock)”. The (lock) extension ensures the popup remains open until either another link is activated or the popup is closed. The alternative to this is to un-tick the close popup automatically in the popup settings. This however creates its own popup close symbol, which may not be what the designer wants. “popup-name(lock) is one of the undocumented Xara features explained here: advanced-web-features. In this example, there is a user-chosen icon with a link “popup: close”. The popup itself is called using a link to that popup in the normal way. In this example the popup objects have been made sticky, though this is not necessary and only a design choice. An alternative approach is to create a master summary page of photo, products or services where each image of the products or services links to its own page e.g.